AGUAPURO offers Zn and Mg Removal Filter for various capacity ranging from 10 m3/hr upto 250 m3/hr. Zinc is a compound consisting of many metals such as brass, bronze, silver, and other types of alloys. The usage of Zinc varies to being a protective coating on certain metals such as galvanized steel for the purposes of preventing corrosion.

Ion exchange systems is best used for the removal of Zinc from water. Water softening, which is one type of Ion exchange, is capable of removing nearly 100% of Zinc from water. In the Ion exchange softening process, the ions removed are substituted for sodium ions from the resin. These discarded ions are flushed from the resin with a brine solution. Restoration of the resin with brine is necessitated once the resin is congested and ultimately is no longer effective.

For efficient elimination of zinc, the resin must be rejuvenated in quick fashion in order for the calcium breakthrough to occur. Since the hardness is removed after the ion exchange softening process, it is required for the finished water to be blended with the raw water to avoid erosion of the supply system. The blending of finished water with untreated water will diminish treatment expenses. The degree of minerals in the water will determine the amount of pressure required. The high-quality water will be important for many applications, which include metal finishing and drinking water that require fresh water for safe and efficient use.