The carbonated beverage product category includes soft drinks, energy drinks, and others. Olfactory sensations of carbonated beverage marketing and branding are all factors that contribute to the products’ success.

A very easy and simplest of processes is used to produce carbonated drinks in various flavors with strong to light fizz using carbonization as key with Sugar syrup based flavoring agents and other additives.

Soft drinks are produced around the world, and they are widely available. Carbonated beverages make up the bulk of the global soft drink industry. The market for these products is still continuing to show outstanding growing potential. The global market is anticipated to reach more than US$410 billion by 2023, at a compound annual growth rate of 2.8%.

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Type of Lines

Semi automatic Lines : capacity ranging from 20 to 30 bpm @ 250ml

Auto Lines Batch type : capacity ranging from 40 to 60 bpm @ 250 ml

Auto lines Continuous type : capacity ranging from 90 to 500 bpm @ 250 ml