Aguapuro can provide you wide range of water and waste water consumables & spares as per specification.

We supply and installs the desired parts and consumable at the best price to keep your plant running every day.

CARTRIDGE FILTERSRanging from 0.2 to 20 micron. Size 10" to 40" long
CHEMICALSAnti-Scalant, Antifoulant Chemicals For Reverse Osmosis System, Pre-treatment, Post Treatment, Potable Water Treatment Systems, Chilled Water System, Boilers, Sewage & Wastewater Treatment Systems
DEIONIZERSResin Media, Automatic Control Valves, Chemicals and Spares
PUMPSImpeller, Diffuser, Shaft, Bearing, Motor, O-rings, Mechanical seal, Pump Housing and all other parts.
REVERSE OSMOSIS SYSTEMSEntire range of spares and consumable like Membranes, Cartridge Filters, Chemical Feeders, Solution Tanks, Pressure Gauges, Flow Meters, High Pressure Pipes, Low Pressure Pipes, Solenoid Valves, Reject Valves, Automatic Flushing Valves, Membranes, High Pressure Pumps, Pressure Tanks and etc.
SEWAGE & WASTEWATERSubmersible Sewage Pumps, Primary And Secondary Clarifiers, Air Diffusers, Air Blowers, Sludge Pumps, Sludge Dewatering, Rotating Biological, Contactors, Tertiary Pressure Sand Filters, Gas Chlorinators, Hypo Chlorinators, Media,MBBR media, Tube settler media,Sand media, carbon media
WATER SOFTENERSResin Media, Automatic Control Valves and Spares
ULTRAVIOLET (UV) SYSTEMSReplacement Lamps, Sleeves, Ballast and UV Monitors
WATER TESTING INSTRUMENTSAll Kinds of TDS Meters, pH Meters, Conductivity Meters, Chlorine Monitors and Swimming Pool Water Testing Kits