Pet Bottles, Water Cups when filled and packed needs to be packaged properly to transport to the warehouse and to the shops until it lands in end use safely. Packaging is a very important factor when it comes to water. We, Aguapuro, offer various solutions to handle this factor.

The last stage comes where in the bottles are then packed in to ready cartons and are tapped on top and bottom and are stacked in the finished Goods storage area. The cartons are ready-made purchased from the market with required GSM and ply size, normally 2 ply cartons are used to provide strength for the cartons during stacking. The cartons also contain the brand name and manufactured by details printed on them.

Automatic Carton forming and tapping machines are available in different speed as per requirement.

Or one can choose a normal Both side Carton BOPP tapping machine which is generally economical and consumes lesser footprint.

The Other form of Packaging is using the Plastic sheet or plastic shrink wrap to pack the bottles in a matrix of 4 x 3 for 1000ml bottles (any desired matrix can be customized). These methods are fast and can be automated and are generally the packing cost is highly economical than carton boxes.

Both Semi-automatic and complete automatic lines are available in these modules in speeds ranging from 6 pack per minute to 20 packs per minute, semi auto modules are generally restricted to speeds of 6 packs per minute.

The automatic machine auto collates the bottles and form a matrix which is then wrapped in plastic automatically and then fed to a hot shrink tunnel where in the plastic shrunk on the bottles to get a pack.


A palletizer or palletizer is a machine which provides automatic means for stacking cases of goods or products onto a pallet.

Manually placing boxes on pallets can be time-consuming and expensive; it can also put unusual stress on workers on high-capacity production lines.

There are specific types of palletizers, including the row-forming. In row-forming palletizing applications, loads are arranged on a row forming area and then moved onto a different area where layer forming takes place. This process repeats until a full layer of goods and products are configured to be placed on a pallet.

The in-line palletizer is used when higher speeds are needed for palletizing. This palletizer type utilizes a continuous motion flow divider that guides the goods into the desired area on the layer forming platform.

Robotic palletizers have an end of arm tool (end effector) to grab the product from a conveyor or layer table and position it onto a pallet. Both conventional and robotic palletizers can receive product at a high elevation the end of arm tooling has evolved in recent years to accommodate a variation of pack pattern and package types.