Rapid Sand Filter

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Rapid sand filter is a purely physical drinking water purification system. Rapid sand filters (RSF) give rapid and effective disposal of fairly large suspended patches. Two types of RSF are generally used rapid-fire graveness and rapid-fire pressure beach pollutants. For the provision of safe drinking water, RSFs want acceptable pre-treatment (generally coagulation-flocculation) and post-treatment (generally disinfection with chlorine). Both construction and operation is cost-ferocious. It's a fairly sophisticated process generally taking power- operated pumps, regular backwashing or cleaning, and flow control of the sludge outlet. Rapid beach filtration is common in advanced countries for the treatment of large amounts of water where land is an explosively limiting factor, and where material, professed labor, and nonstop energy force are available.


  • Largely effective for junking of turbidity (generally<0.1-1 NTU)
  • High sludge rate (4’000 – 12’000 liters per hour per square meter of surface), small land requirements
  • No limitations regarding original turbidity levels (if coagulant or flocculent is available and rightly applied)
  • Cleaning time (backwashing) only takes several twinkles and filters can be put back into operation rapidly


  • Not effective in removing bacteria, contagions, fluoride, arsenic, mariners, odour and organic matter (requires pre-andpost-treatment)
  • High capital and functional costs
  • Frequent cleaning (backwashing) needed (every 24-72h)
  • Professed supervision essential (e.g. for inflow control and lozenge of detergent)
  • High energy input needed
  • Backwashing water and sludge needs treatment; sewage system or stabilization ponds needed