Industrial water softener is a kind of water filter, which removes hardness from water causes due to presence of Calcium and Magnesium. For industries and commercial units, hard water poses a potential threat. ... Water Softener is considered as concrete solution for this problem, which prevents scale forming.


Calcium and Magnesium salts impart hardness to water. Hard water is defined as a water which does not lather or foam with soap easily. The salts of calcium and magnesium which causes hardness is divided in two parts.

  1. Temporary hardness or carbonate hardness.
  2. Permanent hardness or non-carbonate hardness.
Potential benefits of softening water at a central treatment plant include the following:
  1. Reducing dissolved minerals and scale forming tendencies,
  2. Reducing consumption of household cleaning agents

The sum of temporary and permanent hardness is called Total Hardness. Total Hardness = Carbonate hardness + Non-Carbonate hardness