The Tube Settler Media is very apt for clarification and sedimentation process done during the waste water treatment. It is highly praised in the market for its exceptional quality and long functional life.

Three different functional models are Hexagonal Chevron, V Shape and Square Shape.

It is a very high efficiency solid-liquid separator. This is due to the fact that its shape is hexagonal-chevron type that has got highest efficiency of separation among all other shapes available i.e. square, rectangular or hexagonal. Its area of application includes primary and secondary settling in water as well as wastewater treatment plants with any type of secondary treatment. It is also being very successfully used along with anaerobic digesters, to control the outflow of sludge and enhance gas production.

It is easy to install in any shape of clarifier; its Hexagonal-Chevron shape is the most ideal for effective settling with or without coagulation or flocculation. High settling surface area (11 and 13m2/m3) leads to a very small clarifier size and the detention time requirement is also very low when compared to conventional clarifiers.

Features :
  • Increases the capacity of Clarifier
  • Increases the effective surface area of basin
  • Decreases the effective particle Settling distance drastically
  • It enhances the particle agglomeration and growth, bringing particles into closer contact with each other at the bottom of the tube