Swimming Pool Accessories

Filtration Systems
Aguapuro High Rate Fiberglass Sand Filter

The most recommendable filters for the swimming pools created by the latest engineering technology. The fiber glass winding design allows the filter to have extra strength and resistance to chemicals and corrosion. Equipped with top and side mounted six position multiport valve and individual valves.

Option : Available in 6000 Lts/hr & 60000 Lts/hr capacity.

Equipments For Pool Basin

For Concrete and liner pools 12v/ 100 w. Revolutionary light for every kind of pools. Easy installation without niche, high temperature, corrosive resistance components.

Standard and Wide Mouth Skimmer for concrete Pools. With Recommended Flow 5000 Lts/hr in white ABS with weir Flap.

Return Inlets for concrete pools. White ABS Plastic inlets can be glued directly to 50mm PVC 10kg/cm2 Pressure pipe. Recommend flow: 5000 Lts/hr.

White ABS Plastic Main Drain for Small Pools, available in 12'x12'.

Stainless steel with frame and grill for all pools, available in 12'x12', 18'x18', 24'x24'.

Out Door Pool Equipments
S.S. Ladders

Non corrosive 304/316 S.S. Ladders, 38mm dia with S.S. treads and special polished finish, available in 2,3,4,5 treads.