One of the most important issues within the food and beverage industry is a reliable daily supply of the desired water quality and quantity. It is vital for insuring high-quality products as well as dependable production with no downtime.

The criticality of the Reverse Osmosis System to generate Purified Water cannot be overstated. Its easily at the core of any pharmaceutical water treatment plant. A well designed RO System ensures consistent quality output (less than 10 micro-siemens cms), a feed which the EDI can easily take care.

The horizontal pressure vessels holding the membranes as well as the pipe system and valves are in stainless steel, quality AISI 316L. The unit also includes a UV disinfection unit as well as a cartridge filter on the inlet, and is equipped with a range of very high-quality instruments for measuring flows, conductivity, and redox. The inlet water for the RO unit is pre-treated in existing sand filters and ultrafiltration units.

The solution includes a CIP unit for the RO as well as installation and start-up. A factory acceptance test (FAT) has been performed in outlet before delivery.