Aguapuro series MILD Steel Bromide removal Filters are available from 300 mm to 4500 mm diameter sizes and from 1 m3 to 500 M3/hr Flow rate when operated at 4.8 to 30 M3/hr/M2 velocity. These Filters are fabricated using IS 2062 Mild Steel or Carbon Steel Plates & IS 1239 Pipes are used to fabricate Filters and its piping. Filters are internally Epoxy coated or Rubber Lined to have corrosion free operation.

These Filter units are available with either individual butter fly valves or Single Lever operated Solo Manual or Auto Multi Port Valve depending on the requirement. Pneumatic Valves OR Solenoid Valves are also available for auto operation of the Filters.

Filters are also provided with Internal Collection & Distribution System, Filter Media with supporting underbed Media, Pressure Gauge to check Inlet & Outlet Pressure, sampling valves etc.

Mild Steel Epoxy or Rubber Lined Bromide Removal Filters are available as per following Sizes and capacity: