MBR is membrane technology which has advantage over conventional methods. MBR can carry out biological treatment more efficiently, thus attaining better processing performance and a reduced size of the activated sludge tank. Because MBR does not need a sedimentation tank, it also enables space savings. The adoption of membranes eliminates the possibility of suspended solid (SS) leakage that could occur in the sedimentation process. MBR can also virtually reject microorganisms.

Aguapuro offers MBR based Sewage Treatment Plants ranging from 5000 lit./day to 1000000 lit./day & many more. We offer innovative solutions to treat sewage to achieve standard norms as per Pollution Control Board. Treated water can be reused for flushing ,irrigation, carwash etc.

MBR system produces following parameters

COD - less than 30 ppm,

BOD - less than 5 ppm

Suspended solids - less than 10 ppm.

Following are some advantages for MBR System: -
  • Results in high efficiency in removal of BOD, COD, suspended and dissolved solids. Meets all effluent standards.
  • Tertiary treatment doesn’t require as membrane system is used.
  • Compact design
  • Robust bio film
  • No clogging of bio-film carriers
  • Low load on particle separation
  • Expandable and Load responsive
  • Easy to operate and control
  • Minimum maintenance
  • No need of extra pre-treatment like Ultrafiltration after STP if same is needs to be further treated in RO system
System comprises of:

1. Coarse and Fine Screening

2.   Removes objects such as rags, paper, plastics, metals and gross solids to prevent damage and clogging of downstream treatment equipment

3. Equalization Tank

To equalize the variable hydraulic load

 3.Anoxic Tank

Anoxic Mixers are used for de-nitrification. The process involves the de-nitrification of waste streams through the use of bacteria which breaks down the nitrate in the waste to use as an oxygen source


4. Aeration Tank

Diffused aeration provides oxygen for biomass growth which helps in removal of COD and BOD

5. MBR module

Membranes having PVDF material helps to separate sludge ensures much higher quality for treated water free from suspended solids.