Aguapuro offers MBBR based Sewage Treatment Plants ranging from 5000 lit./day to 1000000 lit./day. We offer innovative solutions to treat sewage to achieve standard norms as per Pollution Control Board. Treated water can be reused for flushing and irrigation. MBBR system produces following parameters

COD - less than 100 ppm,
BOD - less than 30 ppm
Suspended solids - less than 30 ppm.

Following are some Advantages of MBBR:
  • Compact design
  • Robust bio film
  • No clogging of bio-film carriers
  • Low load on particle separation
  • Expandable and Load responsive
  • Easy to operate and control
  • Minimum maintenance

1. Equalization Tank

To equalize the variable hydraulic load

2. MBBR Tank

Moving Bed Bioreactor is filled with light weight PP

media helps to increase surface area for biomass

growth in aerobic condition. It helps in reducing

footprints of aeration tank and increase removal

efficiency of COD & BOD

3. Tube Settler

PVC tube settling media will be provided to enhance maximum settling surface area for solid- liquid separation.

4. Clarified Water Tank

To store clarified water with provision of disinfection

5. Filtration unit

Pressure sand filter for removal of suspended solids. Activated carbon filter for removal of colour, odour or any other inorganic impurity