Aguapuro Series FRP Zn & Mg removal Filters are available from 8” up to 63” diameter sizes and from 0.5 to 500 M3/hr Flow rate when operated on 4.8 - 30 M3/hr/M2 velocity. Higher Flow Rates are designed on requests. Being constructed from vessel of FRP and Piping of UPVC / CPVC / SS 316, it gives complete corrosion free operation.

These Units are available with either individual Butter Fly / Ball valves or Single Lever operated Manual / Auto Multi Port Valve depending on the requirement to provide ease in operation of backwash & rinse. Pneumatic Valves OR Solenoid Valves are also available for auto operation of the Filters.

Filters are also provided with Internal Collection & Distribution System, Filter Media with supporting underbed Media, Pressure Gauge to check Inlet & Outlet Pressure, Sampling Valves, etc.

These Pre-assembled filters have Low Installation cost, Easy and Fast Installation, almost nil maintenance cost are the additional features for these units.