Chlorine dosing system for disinfect the water. Chlorine dosing system is based on advanced technology and used to ensure effective dosing of chlorine. This chlorine dosing system is known for its easy installation and requirement of less space for accommodation. Chlorine dosing system doses chlorine into water to make in pure, safe and drinkable for human beings. It is equipped with the sensor which automatically measures the diluted chlorine. This chlorine dosing system is checked under various set industrial parameters.

Sodium Hypochlorite is supplied as a 12.5% solution and is readily available in 30L drums, 200L drums and tanker loads for larger installations.

Calcium hypochlorite is supplied as a 65% strength and readily available in 65 Kgs,100 Kgs drums.

Chemical storage tanks are usually manufactured from polyethylene, MSRL, MSEP, MSFRP. Solution is dosed with solenoid operation dosing pumps or motor driven metering pumps.

Chlorine Dosing System is installed with following components:
  1. Single or compartment solution preparation tank.
  2. Chemical dosing pumps single or multiple
  3. Valve’s fittings
  4. Interconnecting piping
  5. Instruments like pressure gauges
  6. Level gauges, level switches
  7. PRV
  8. Sensors
  9. Control panel including interconnecting cabling