Antifoulants work to prevent organic and biological material, colloids, silt, and other fine particulates from attaching themselves to the membrane. Antifoulants are designed for sea and brackish surface waters that contain high levels of organic matter.

  1. Designed to reduce the amount of bacteria and fouling within the membranes
  2. Can be used as a pre-treatment option to control membrane fouling
  3. Environmentally friendly and food grade
Antifoulant Dosing System is installed with following components:
  1. Single or compartment solution preparation tank.
  2. Chemical dosing pumps single or multiple
  3. Valve’s fittings
  4. Interconnecting piping
  5. Instruments like pressure gauges
  6. Level gauges, level switches
  7. PRV
  8. Sensors
  9. Control panel including interconnecting cabling